an incredible thing


Today I want to tell you something really special that happened to me recently.
Since I've opened my little shop on Etsy I've met lots of talented and really cool people.
Some of these were guests on this little blog of mine with interviews or with other features.

A couple of weeks ago I finally met one of my creative heroes: Jenn Smith.
I've admired her work for a long time. I've always found it fun and unique, distant from trends, very personal, but easy to relate to.

We met thanks to Etsy, when I saw that she liked my shop I decided to write to her.
She was really nice to me (a newbie) and asked for my address.

Today a received a lovely little letter from her and I love it.
I love what I found inside and I especially loved the fact that she decided to sent it to a person she never met.

Thank you Jenn, you made my day :)


  1. ma che bella questa storia! :D
    รจ il bello di etsy, si incontrano persone davvero speciali! :)))

    grazie per averla condivisa,

  2. This is really fantastic!!!! I love Etsy (expecially) for this and a lot of other reasons!!

  3. What a heart warming story!!! LOVE it and LOVE Etsy! :)

  4. Can I write to Jen and get a cute package in the mail? Lol. Lovely way to meet people and so wonderful that there are still nice, sharing and trusting people in the world. Her stuff is definitely cute! Great job on your blog too! I am a newbie too and think you are wonderful. :)

  5. Wow, that would be so awesome to receive!

  6. oh! quanta poesia! che bello bello bello!

  7. how sweet! off to check out your shop and Jenn's. just found you via etsy blog team.

  8. your shop is wonderful and so is Jenn's! glad to connect

  9. Thanks for all you comments, I'm happy you enjoyed this little post.
    When something so nice happens I think it's important to share it :)

  10. aw that's so cool! What a lovely gesture. I just checked out her Etsy shop and hearted it, it's adorable!

  11. Super cool to make friends with other creative people and what a joy to get something in the mail:)

  12. That is so sweet! There are really so many lovely, generous people on Etsy:)


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