that beautiful moment when your head is full of ideas

It's almost the end of May which it means that it's time to plan my summer holidays and my Fall/Winter collection.
It's a strange and beautiful time.

I have a few ideas for the core of the next collection, but I still have to make a proper moodboard.
I think it will be quite "woodland" but modern and quite minimalist at the same time.
This first photo I took is about texture and colours. This little driftwood is part of a small mobile I made a long time ago. If you're curious you can see the mobile here, I used it as a prop for this photo for my shop.

The second one is a photo of a photo. This is a concept I'm working on at the moment and I would like to incorporate into my next collection.

Working on an inspiration and creating a moodboard for a next project is one of my favourite things.
I love that feeling when my head is so full of ideas and I feel so alive.
Then I start to make a little something and take a picture of it.
And there it is.
The new project started and everything makes sense.


  1. A head full of ideas is the best! That piece of drift wood from the mobile is so nice: it almost looks like a heavy stone! Do you ever create inspiration board on Pinterest? Or only offline?

  2. Hi Judith, thank you for stopping by. I usually create inspiration boards offline. Mainly because it's a long process and I like to touch what ispires me. In this I think I'm a bit old style!
    The problem with this is that I don't have much space to store everything..

  3. Hurray for new ideas! Happy to hear you have lots of inspiration, curious to see what you come up with.

  4. super positive thinking, I like it! Love the photo of a photo idea...


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