pretty special hand printed journals

Over here in Italy at the moment the weather is incredibly hot and I don't really feel like doing much.
I'm eating a lot of ice cream and I'm taking 5 showers a day!

The only moment of the day when I can actually do some work is the morning. So lately I've started getting up really early, having breakfast and then at around 7 I'm already at my desk in the studio.

This morning I've been doing a lot of hand printing. I'm preparing a few covers for new journals.
These journals are quite special and I think they make the perfect gift for those who love writing and/or drawing. Each one is hand printed bit by bit using my hand carved stamps. Each one is made up using only recycled paper and their covers have a lovely texture and are beautiful to touch.
I think they even smell good!

This one is already available in the shop.

These are a couple of covers I hand printed this morning


  1. I don't like bugs, but I do like your bug notebook!

    1. Thank you Marieken, they're funny bugs :)

  2. They are super lovely! <3

  3. Very pretty! I hope the weather cools a bit for you so you can enjoy it!

  4. Thank you Angela! The weather is much better right now :)


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