Weekly inspiration: wild plants and seeds

Among other things, I collect wild plants.
When walking around in Milan if I see an interesting wild plant I always take a piece.
Once home I try to grow a root and then I put it in one of my pots on the terrace.
Other times I find seeds. So many different shapes and colours.

Sometimes these little things become my inspiration for some drawings or some hand carved stamps.
Like that spiky looking (but really soft) wild flower that inspired one of my birch wood brooches.

illustrated birch wood brooch

What do you collect? Is there anything you collect that inspire your work?


  1. Oh, those are pretty. And cool. Pretty and cool, excellent combo!

    I don't really collect anything, except maybe hats. Which I don't collect deliberately, I just love them and hat makers seem to say yes to my trade requests more often than sellers/makers of other things, ha.

  2. Very nice inspiration and nice pics! I really like the first one! Recently I rediscovered my troll doll collection which sparked the urge to collect more, and I've been crafting with the really small ones. :)


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