what I love today

I've always been a buyer on Etsy, even before I became a seller.
I love discovering new shops and going back to older ones. I love to meet the makers and the vintage dealers on social medias and chat about serious and silly stuff. The social part is actually my fave bit about it all.

I thought about sharing with you a collection I've made on Etsy featuring some really cool shops. I like curating these collections and share my favourites.

At the moment I'm really into black and white and minimalist patterns (as you can see from my recent work too) and always in love with simple wooden pieces.
Click here to see each product. You can see more of my collections on my Pinterest board here.


  1. Same here! I started buying on Etsy before selling :)
    That cat pillow is too cute!

  2. These are great! Thanks for sharing! I find Etsy to be a bit of an addiction. I enjoy the search, finding an item I love and then receiving it in whatever unique packaging the seller uses. I wish I had taken pictures of the great packaging from the items I've purchased over the last 8 years or so.

  3. I agree Abbie, I love all the different beautiful packaging :)


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