On a wall in my studio

I'm really lucky to have a small studio space thanks to my husband who very kindly offered me a room in his English school, I moved here in January and I can't believe the difference it made to me and my work to have a proper space for it instead of working from home. We live in a small apartment with our two furry friends who are great company, but not the best buddies to have around paper and ink.
I love the area of Milan (you can see it here) where the school is and I love the beautiful light that comes in my room.
When I settled down in my new studio space I decided to decorate one wall with handmade items and illustrations by friends and artists met on social medias and/or on Etsy.
Below I share with you a part of this wall and the talented people who made these pieces.

1 & 7 Blue Eggs and Tea.
2 Elizabeth Pawle
3 Nikki Miles
4 and smile
Nugget Says
6 claire hartigan
8 LouiseNormaStudio (it came with my gorgeous books tote)


  1. How lovely that you have your own studio space outside your home!
    I like the whimsical nature of your inspirational wall :)

  2. How great that you have a workspace outside the home! I can see how helpful that would be, not just from a productivity standpoint, but because you'd have some work/life separation, too. Loved seeing your wall!

  3. So fun to see all you've collected & what you're inspired by and to see that the book quote piece I made you has a wonderful home! :)

    1. That wall with those little pieces is bait like a safe place for me, I'm glad I received them :) I also have an amazing tote :)


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