Our terrace is a jungle

I've always loved plants and even more so since moving to Milan.
The most important thing when we were looking for our first apartment to buy it was to have an outside space. Unfortunately gardens in the city are very rare and expensive so the next best thing was to have a terrace.

When we first moved to the house, we didn't have any money left to buy plants and all necessary stuff to make it nice. We saved and eventually started working on it.
I soon realised that there was not point in getting plants that needed shade or much water, so I turned to succulents, palm trees and Mediterranean shrubs. I wanted to make the best out of the conditions imposed by the climate. 

I sit on the terrace every morning (summer or winter) with a mug of Italian coffee. It's one of the things that make me really happy to do.

This morning I was sitting there as usual and I started sketching some of the leaves and plants I could see. Some of these sketches will become patterns for a new jungle themed collection of eco-friendly hand printed items: journals, totes, tea towels and more.


  1. They're looking great! That's the best kind of inspiration, the things that surrounds us!
    Looking forward to see the end result.

  2. I love plants too! For years we lived in apartments with no outdoor space so most of our plants died quickly. We've been doing better since buying the house because we have a patio and get much more light inside as well. I love that your plants were inspiration for your jungle prints. :)


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