some work in progress and a limited series of block printed canvases

In the last few days I experimented a lot combining materials that I usually use in different ways.
Watercolours on cardboard, white pens on wood panels and block printing on cotton canvases.
I felt in love with the latest combination and I made a tiny series of small block printed canvases. What I really like of these is the texture: where the ink meets the surface. Every time gives a different result. Each one is unique.



I was also busy picking colours to use on my new line of block printed scarves and at the end I'm going with these: blush, copper and black. The patterns will be geometric, but organic and I picked the most beautiful organic linen to use.

I created 4 new printing blocks, this one below is one in progress


  1. I love the block prints on canvas and I can't wait to see the scarves! :)

  2. What a great idea to start making scarves! Love to see what you come up with.


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