interview with Lauryn Green

I'm really happy to share with you this interview I did with really lovely and talanted Laura Caldentey, the woman behind Lauryn Green.

self portrait by Lauryn Green

  1. tell us a bit about yourself..
    Hi! I'm Laura a twenty-something happy girl living in a beautiful island called Mallorca in Spain. I love drawing, making videos, crafts and photography.
  2. tell us about your label and where the name "Lauryn Green" comes from? Well, my boyfriend sometimes call me Lauryn (because he loves Lauryn Hill's music) and Green is my favorite color. Also, I think is easier remember that name than my real name: Laura Caldentey.
  3. what is your background and how did you get where you are today? I always loved to draw, and I graduated in art in high school, then I graduate in audio-visual in the university a few months ago. Now I'm trying to combinate this two disciplines, making videos for musicians, shortfilms, and weddings, and also making illustration.
  4. where do you get your inspiration from? I think inspiration comes from other persons, animals music or situations. It's very important to be surrounded by things that inspires you for creating things and being motivated.
  5. what do you love most about what you do? The process. When I dive into something I forget the world arround me and the time, I love when this happens. 
  6. what new things can we look forward to from "Lauryn Green"? A lot of new pretty things in my shop, like soft toys and tote bags and more adventures in the blog! 
  7. what is your workspace like and what is an essential aspect of your working day? My workspace is my room too, so normally when I finish some project is very messy, but I try to keep it tidy. You can see if I did a lot of work counting how many mugs I have in my desk. Also, normally I put all my final works in the wall in front where I work, for see my process. I have a beautiful vintage dress and a lot of analog photos in another wall and a fishbowl with a fish that keeps me company everyday. 
  8. you write a blog, do you find that this greatly aids in drawing interest in your label? Yes! I think that my blog is the engine of my label. Through Lauryn Green blog I met a lot of great people that had been interested in work together. 
  9. what do you love to do on your days off? Be away from the computer, strolling arround the city with someone and discover new stores and places. And I love hiking too!
by Lauryn Green

a lovely canvas tote by Lauryn Green

Her blog: www.lauryngreen.blogspot.com

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