lucciole / Mini Empire

In front of my desk I have an extra-large white empty frame that I use as a space where to hang different little things.
Sometimes I hang up something I'm working on at the moment, other times things that I find beautiful and inspiring.
I find myself changing these items quite often, but there are times when I realize that items have been up there for a few days...today is one of those times.
So I took a pic because I would like to share with you what is inspiring me at the moment.

How do you get inspired?


  1. I love the simple shapes and patterns. Those anchors are too cute.

  2. Cute idea, to have a little inspiration space. I love your inspiration pieces. They are all adorable!

    I get inspired by animal photos, and thinking about human relationships and transferring those to animals, like friendship, love, etc. I don't have an inspiration space though - I should totally make one. It would probably clear out a lot of the clutter on my desk :-P

  3. Angela, I agree with you, they're totaly cute! I love the old technique combined with the contemporary design.

  4. Heather your illustrated animals always feel almost human, love them all!
    Despite the inspiration space, my desk is a mess :P

  5. I love folk, I love pom poms, I love your hearts :-)
    How do I get inspired? Usually just thinking in the ordinary moments of everyday life and from whatever gets my attention for some reason. And from Nature...especially from Nature!
    Ciao :*

  6. Hi Sara! I find nature very inspiring too, especially leaves!

  7. I love your little collection here. I need to incorporate more pretties like these into my workspace!


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