hand printed wrapping paper

I love paper. I love patterns. I love opening presents.

The other day when I sold few items from my etsy shop I decided to gift wrap them even if they were not presents. Why?

Because in this way those products are extra-special.

Obiously I didn't want to use any store bought paper (don't have any in the house) so I hand printed some paper I usually use for doodles. I used some small triangle stamps I carved from rubber ages ago and my favorite ink. I added one of my handmade postcard as a small gift and voilà!

From now on all purchases in my shop will be sent off gift wrapped.

How do you wrap your creations when you send them off?


  1. Turns out, I enjoy giving presents more than receiving them, and the wrapping part is by far my favorite.

    I use white wrapping paper (like butcher's paper, but white, very basic stuff) and scraps of paper that I've saved (kraft, usually). Then use nature-inspired tape and matching ribbon. My packages tend to a have a fairly minimalist look, at the end.

    Yours is perfect! I'd love to be the one receiving such a pretty package.

  2. I love the packaging. I love opening gifts, even though I know what's inside. It makes the item extra special.

  3. I love the minimalist look Weird Amiga!
    I'm sure your packaging is lovely!

  4. I agree with you Marieken, the right packaging makes it extra special

  5. The beauty of simplicity. Very nice. I love your blog by the way. Feast for my eyes!


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