new handmade decor: mixing vintage with new

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Lately I've decided to create and sell different things because my creativity can't be constricted into one category!
This little mixed art canvas is one of the three vintage/modern decorations to hit my shop.
I love to go to thrift markets, especially I love to look for keys, keyholes and other little bits and pieces such as bolts and hardware.
Last month I made some little decorations like this one to hang in our new bathroom (which I love!) and I've decided to make few more to sell in the shop and at craft markets.

Obviously each piece is going to be unique because is very difficult to find two vintage keyholes that look exactly the same and also because of the fake frame I paint with watercolours.
I really like to mix old and new and I love repurposing some of my thrift-finds.

Do you like to find a new use for your great finds? I'm really curious to know what you've done lately with your vintage treasuries!


  1. I love your creation! I recently gotten some vintage enamel cups, which hold pencils now. A friend gave me an old letterdrawer. Not sure yet, but I might paint the sides.

  2. Love it! My home is a mixture of modern and vintage/primitive decor. It's a wonderful blend of me.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Marieken!
    I love enamel cups and mugs, I have a small collection

  4. Tisha I love this mix! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. The keyhole from
    is one of the prettiest I've seen in a while!

    I get too attached to my vintage treasures, I'm afraid... I've been able to part with pretty unique buttons before —they would become part of headbands— but I haven't mixed new + old in my process in a little while.

    I do mix both styles in my everyday decor, though. Much like Tisha. =]

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, btw! Come see the questions and rules, or feel free to accept the honorary version (just questions, not passing the award along, etc)


  6. Hello! Yep that one is my favorite too!
    I get attach to my vintage treasuries too, but I live in a tiny apartment/studio so this helps me a lot!
    Thanks so much for nominating my blog, I'm coming to have a look
    Have a great day


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