eco friendly set: tote and mini notebook

eco-friendly set

Last week was working on a new idea.
I wanted to create a set for people on the go.
I came up with this.

It's an eco-friendly set made up of an organic cotton hand drawn tote and a hand bound nautical jotter.

They're practical and unique. Perfect for when you go on holiday or just out for a walk somewhere.

Every time I leave the house I carry my phone with me (for pics), a tote bag and a little notebook. This way I feel ready for anything: doing a little sketch or writing down a quick something.

This is the first set in the shop and it's made-to-order.
The nicest thing about this idea is that you can put your set together choosing from the totes and the mini notebooks available in my shop and writing me a note.

Shortly after that you'll receive you very own eco-friendly personalized set!

What do you always carry with you when you go out?



  1. I love the theme you've choosen for your first set, it's so summery!
    What do I carry always with me? It depends, I tend to carry with me the necessary but when I go to the Uni I fill my bag with an incredible amount of stuff (blocknotes, keys, wallet, hand sanitizer, something to read, pochette with make-up etc..)! O_o
    Have a great day

    Vale from KD

  2. I think this is the perfect idea! I am always scrambling to grab my notebooks and pens and make sure they all fit in my purse. I also love the anchor symbol!


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