DIY crochet triangle patch pattern tutorial

Today I have a special guest on my blog, Marina from aBanchOfFashion.
I met Marina on Etsy and we decided to collaborate on this great DIY tutorial.

Here it is:

Lace fashion is a hot trend lately and I'm sure all the crochet people out there are really happy about this!
One day I was looking at ma favourite blue leggins and I though: "Oh my...they're already old looking!"
This is how I came up with the idea of placing on the knees a cute crochet patch, to make them new and trendy again.
You could also use these triangle patches for your denim jacket's elbows or whatever else you can come up it!
With these crochet patches you will be original, boho and romantic for summer.

the final result

Pattern here

"When I finished the University one year ago I found myself with a master degree in History of Art and without a job.
It was winter. I needed a warm wool scarf, but didn't have the money to buy it.
One day when i was walking in town I saw a shop that had some discounted 100% wool yarn. "That's it!!", I though, "if I can't buy a scarf, I'll make it on my own!!"
I took the yarn and a pair of needles, but there was a tiny problem: I didn't know how to knit!!!
So I checked on the Internet!!
A brand new shiny universe opened before me! "

Be sure to check out her gorgeous shop: aBanchOfFashion


  1. What cool leggings, I wish I knew how to crochet, I admire all of this detail beauty that talented people create. Very nice to share a DIY for this

  2. This is so cute, it makes me wish I knew how to crochet! I'll pin it to my DIY board on Pinterest so hopefully someone who does will find it and enjoy it!

  3. Really proud to see my tutorial on your amazing blog! Thank you Mirta! <3

  4. wonderful!!! So useful and nice diy idea! Congrats Marina ^_^

  5. Great idea and very cool style !
    Thanks so much for sharing !

  6. Bello mi piace tanto tanto...:D

  7. The leggings are adorable with the crochet patches! Marina's shop is lovely too!

  8. Fantastic! I have a pair of leggings with a rip... I'll try to cover that with this cool patch :)

  9. ►Hello Mirta ... Hello Marina,
    fun idea and truly beautiful, good light...◄

  10. I love this wonderful idea!
    Congrats, Marina,
    and congrats Mirta!!

  11. I have to try it!
    Thank you girls! :)

  12. That is absolutely the cutest patch I have ever seen! I think I will use them even though I don't need to cover a rip. Thanks!!

  13. It's original to make patches in crochet. Very different than the regular ones !


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