Thrift finds and some new work

I spent Sunday walking around a great open air market here in Milan where you can find a lot of vintage stuff: furniture, books, clothes and accessories, decor pieces, stamps, dolls and a lot more.
To get there we just walked along the canal which is my favourite part of the city, because it looks like an old village still full of character with colourful little houses and many wild flowers growing along the water edge.
I took a photo of this incredible old house that has been left like this for a very long time, you can see there are trees growing inside it. I would love to have the money to buy this and restore it to its former glory!

At the market my favourite kind of stalls are those full of wooden and metal old pieces, like old tools, frames, keys...
I love buying small quirky things without having a plan for them and this time I got these!

These little fishes are very heavy, I think they're made of brass and are some sort of little handles.
The old man who sold them to us was really nice and told us lots of stories about the pieces he was selling. This is something I love about this kind of market, the stall holders are just great story-tellers!

When we got home I was so full of energy that I decided to create a new gift set for my shop, so I made this hand printed tote bag and this little grid notepad. Obviously both with fishes on, using a small stamp I hand carved a little while ago.

tote+notepad set

What were you up to during the weekend?


  1. oh my, is this darlin...so cute!

    enjoy *~*

  2. I love going to open markets because the items I find always have a special character with a special story behind them. Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  3. That first picture is great, I love that there are trees living in there now.


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