a little preview

In this period I'm working on the new collection. Last week I introduced in my shop some brand new wooden brooches that sold immediately.
I'm working on so many new things and I'm really excited about using new materials and tools.

The next collection is going to be very organic and inspired by my love for wild plants, seed pods, roots and bugs.
Here is a little preview of a few things that will hit the shop in the next couple of weeks.
As per usual everything is going to be part of a limited series.

hand printed pocket notebook using recycled paper

100% hand printed cotton tea towel

hand printed organic cotton tote

sketching and carving


  1. piccole meraviglie! bravissima Mirta, mi piacciono molto :)

  2. tutto bellissimo!!! :)
    usiamo entrambe l'adigraf per fare i timbri, vedo :)

    1. grazie!
      Sì a dire al vero è da poco che lo uso, prima usavo solo il linoleum, ma con il caldo è troppo difficile

  3. I love the notebook with the leave and the quote. I am very curious what else you'll come up with in the future.

  4. Thank you so much Marieken!


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