new textures and patterns

Lately I've been working on some moodboards for my next line of products and I've just started making some small prototypes.
I'm looking for something more intimate, something less bright and cheery, a little more close to the heart.
I'm spending long hours sketching patterns by hand, away from the computer. I even took back in my hand forgotten brushes and dried little watercolour pots. I'm painting strokes of colours, the results are almost like textures.
I'm discovering something that as always been there, but maybe it was a bit hidden under all these beautiful images we find on the web.

I'm really enjoying this process. I don't feel under pressure and everything just feels very natural.
I'm just taking a moment to share this with you because I like the idea to be able to reach out to people I don't know.

a photo I took a while ago, loving the colours and texture

a moodboard/postcard

prototype for a mini notebook


  1. Love the colors and the texture. Very excited to see new products when you're ready. :)

  2. I like that first picture, how it's 'framed' by the leaves and the pattern of the little fence of the balcony. And I like your prototypes too, how exciting to make new things!

    1. that is a beautiful building crumbling away, love that balcony!


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