today: sketching, carving and printing

My day started with me going out to get bread and coming back home with a beautiful kind of petunia plant. On the way back a little branch broke off so I put it in a vase.

Then I started sketching a few little things. It's good I make sketchbooks, so I don't have anymore tons of papers laying around!

I was looking for natural shapes inspired by plants, wild flowers, seeds and bugs.
I know I want to focus my next collection of notebooks, cards and totes on this theme.

In the pic above, from left: a Petunia bud, some chamomile, a lovely seed pod from a wild plant and a chamomile flower.
Then I started working on some small stamps that I want to use to decorate small handmade kraft paper envelopes, part of a new notecard set.
I carved away my rubber sheet and I mounted the small stamps on some wood.

And here you can see the final result!

I've really enjoying this work.
It's part of my process on going back to basic, away from the computer and digital printing.
Each piece is unique and I can relate so much to this kind of drawings.
I love nature, especially now living in such a big city.
I've noticed that I feel the urge to have our home and studio full of natural materials and organic shapes.


  1. Great pics and lovley paintings!
    I'm sure your next collection will be fantastic!

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    2. Lisa thank you so much! I'm quite excited abou it!


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