inspiration from nature

Nature is definitely a big inspiration for my designs and looking at my Pinterest boards I couldn't notice that my green board is one of the biggest I have.
When I'm around, travelling or just walking in my hometown, I take lots of photos.
Nothing too fancy, I just use my phone.
Most of those pics have something to do with green stuff.

More green in my Pinterest board

one of my little ones

a courtyard in the South of Italy

just outside a pizza place in Milan
an amazing garden centre/cafè in Stockholm

in a lovely cafè in Stockholm


  1. I love nature! It calms me down :)
    I like the plants on the wheelbarrow!

  2. I love greenery. To be around lots of plants just seems soothing somehow. Also, I need to get back to using Pinterest more often. :)

    1. I love Pinterest, sometimes I spend too much time over there :)

  3. That pizza place looks like a great spot!


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