Borlotti beans risotto with sage and red onion

When it starts to get colder I like to make comfy food. Things like soups, polenta, gnocchi and risotto.What is your favourite comfy food?

Yesterday I made a borlotti beans risotto with sage and red onion.
Making risotto is an act of love. You have to be very patient and take care of it while it cooks, maybe you want to try this during the weekend?

So you'll need: good quality rice for risotto (arborio, carnaroli), cooked borlotti beans, red onions, sage, some vegetable stock (better home made), white wine, Parmesan cheese, some extra virgin olive oil and butter.

In a heavy bottom pan you put some oil and butter, when melted add the chopped sage and onions, cook for a few minutes and then add the rice and stir.
The rice has to fry for a couple of minutes, at this point you can add a little bit of wine and let it evaporate.
From this moment until the rice is cooked you need to add enough stock to cover the rice and let the rice absorb it, over and over. Not too much stock at once or not to little (this is the most difficult part) and kepp stiring.
You know you're doing it right when you see that the rice is starting to release the amid.

When the rice is almost cooked you add the cooked beans and stir. Take away the pan from the hob, add a bit of butter and cheese, mix it and let it rest with a lid on for 2 minutes.
Serve it in warm plates.

Depending on the kind of rice it should takes between 18 and 20 minutes to cook. Enjoy!


  1. This sounds wonderful! I've made risotto a few times and I think I may not have the patience (or maybe not a very good pan) because I haven't been able to get the super creamy texture that makes it so amazing. Maybe practice makes perfect?

    1. Yes, practice (and love) makes perfect! You need a good rice and a heavy bottom pan, too.

  2. Sounds good, I haven't made risotto in ages!


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