October is here, I'm bringing colour in my studio

Days are starting to turn gray and kind of short, this is the period of the year when I start to bring some colour in my studio so that when I'm here the gray bothers me less.
A few pics of what you can find in my space at the moment: some branches from one of my plants on the terrace, a dinosaur I painted bright yellow and made into a planter a while ago, a lovely ceramic mushroom I bought from a lovely shop here in Milan and my precious silver agave I brought back this summer form my holidays in the south of Italy.
Talking about colours I'm making some new super colourful origami gift tags, you can see an example in the last pic. Find more in my illustrated goods shop.

By the way you might have noticed that I'm posting much bigger pics, what do you think? Do you like them so big?


  1. Le foto così grandi sono stupende! Buon lavoro Mirta:)

  2. Yes to big pictures! Big pics is where it's at.

  3. I like the bigger pictures and I like that dino! Have a great weekend :-)

  4. I have so many different dinos in the studio, slowly I'll show all of them. Have a great weekend too!

  5. That's a brilliant thought about bringing colour into your studio now, the days are feeling so much shorter and dreary here in the UK. Your bigger pictures look great! Take care

    1. It's the same over here in Italy, everything is getting gray! Thank for stopping by Hannah

  6. I love the larger pics. I also need to have a lot of color around, especially in the winter when days are short and grey. It makes me happier. I love that dinosaur! :)

  7. Yes! I like the big pics. These shots are lovely:)


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