I've started an art journal project

Yesterday I decided to make myself a pocket size journal to use for sketching down ideas and patterns. These patterns most of time will be turned into handmade block stamps I use for notebooks and other things.
To make the journal I used one of my previously hand carved stamps and some blue ink. The result really reminds me of beautiful hot summers spent in Mediterranean places. I'm thinking of actually list in my little shop some of these, what do you think? Maybe with the choice of text on the cover.

As soon as I finished making it I started using it!
I'm working on a new kind of pattern I'll use for postcards and hard cover Coptic stitched pocket journals.
This is what I came up with.

A bit geometric, but with some natural elements in it. I've already started carving the block. I'll post some work in progress and more sketches on my new art journal soon!


  1. Lovely! Journals are such a great way to brainstorm and stay creative.

    1. Completely agree with you! A nice creative process and helps me to keep things together

  2. Cute project, before reading this post, I immediately thought about summer and sea too :-)


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