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interview with Giulia from Keep Calm And Knit

1. How did you start? What's your background?
I began knitting two years ago. I had my grandmother's knitting needle for years and finally I decided to try; so I looked at some videos on Youtube and I began. My background has nothing to do with my knitting and crocheting: I studied Greek and Latin theatre and Italian literature.

2. Define your vision, your brand.
I have to say it: this is a hard question. For two years I learnt and researched techniques, the best materials and I made different kind of products. Now I am at the point where you know what products you love the most, what other people like and where I want to go for now.

3. What inspires you?
I think what inspires me are the colours of the nature. During the fall I find myself making things in brown, mustard and beige. In the winter, like now, I love to use light grey and white, as the sky of my city and my beloved snow.

4. Plans for the future?
I want to try to do what I love and make so many wool jellyfishes, bigger and bigger.

5. Name 3 designers/artists you really admire.
Another hard question. The first name that comes to my head is Two Sad Donkeys, I love her style and what she does is amazing. Another designer is Steamylab: her jewelry is great, as she says: modern minimalist. And I'm so in love with The Poppy Tree: I want my house filled with her works.

6. What is for you "handmade"?
I think for me "handmade" is what you can do with your hands, your creativity, your desire to do the best thing you can do and never stop. It's making something with all of your heart.

7. What question would you like me to ask that I didn't ask?
Uhm, that would be: if I have a place in my dreams where I like to work. Yes I have, my cosy armchair near the fireplace in the house of my dreams in London!

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