Great little packet in my mail box!

I want to share with you the content of a lovely little packet I found in my mail box this morning.
I bought a few vintage beads to use as supplies for I new project I'm working on that you'll find with other things in my new little shop opening very soon! Yes you read it correctly, I'm opening a second shop on Etsy with a friend of mine. I can't reveal to much, but let me tell you that is going to be quite different form my main illustration and printing shop (that you can find here).

The reason I'm showing what I got is because I just want to let you know how much I love shopping on Etsy. On top of the little stash of beads I bought, the seller sent me a hand written card and a lovely gift. This doesn't happen anywhere else. I think this is something super special, it's that thing that allows you to connect with the seller and it makes you so much happier!


  1. Beautiful purchases! And how sweet of her to send a gift as well. I love shopping on Etsy!

  2. I am super curious about your new shop! And I love how that package looks, must have been fun to receive :-)

  3. Those beads are gorgeous. It's so nice receiving that little bit extra, it's why I love Etsy too. :)

  4. Go Etsy! Love awesome shopping experiences.


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