My snail mail packet arrived today!

I little while back I organized an international snail mail project and today I received my packet from Wende.
When I saw it in the mail box it felt like Christmas! I was so excited and wanted to open it immediately, but I was running late so I took it with me to the studio.
I opened it as soon as I got here. Each piece was carefully and lovely wrapped, so it took me a little bit longer to discovered all my presents.
I love everything single piece Wende sent me, my fav being those little super cute acorns sachets!
My day couldn't start any better than this.

I hope she enjoys what I sent her as much as I do :)

To know more about Wende and see what she makes look at her beautiful romantic shop or follow her on twitter


  1. (Non-bill) snail mail is the best! Looks like a fun package. I'm going to check out the shop.

  2. Snail mail looks great to me!!


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