a personal kind of post

This is a kind of personal post. Never wrote one before, I don't find it easy to talk about serious stuff, so please bear with me.
I can be described as an emotional kind of person. I laugh and cry a lot, usually for small things and many times out of the blue.
When I see an adult crying, my heart breaks.

Yesterday walking to the studio from home I saw a woman crying herself out sitting on a bench in a little garden. I stopped, wondering if I could help her, maybe somebody stole her bag? 
A man approached her and asked before I had the opportunity to do it. I got close to see if I could help. She said she was crying because she didn't know who she was. She couldn't remember.
At that moment my heart broke. The man wanted to call the police, I suggested to see if she had an ID with her or a phone. We got in contact with a woman she called many times and she came to pick her up: it was her daughter.

I spent the day thinking about this and after feeling really bad for a while I then felt happy. Happy because I felt lucky. Happy in a strange kind of way, happy with contrasting emotions. 

I meant to write a post about last week holidays, but I felt like I had to write about this instead. Not sure why.

some little things to be happy for


  1. It's so lucky that you were there. You knew just the right thing to do. I think it would've probably been even more scary for her to go with the police instead of going home with her daughter. I think dementia or Alzheimer's must be the most frightening thing...to just go for a walk and not know how to get back home. I remember my grandmother started to not know who some people were toward the end of her life and we couldn't let her drive or go out by herself anymore.

    Anyway, I am also a very empathetic person, and I feel things that other people feel too. It can make life hard sometimes but it might be what makes us artists also? <3

    1. I agree with you, it must be the most frightening thing.
      Being very empathetic can be hard sometimes, but I don't think I would have it any other way.

  2. Wow.. that experience would stay with me for a few days... or more! So glad you were there and could help her out in her time of need.

  3. Love this story. You are right: it's the little things...which are sometimes HUGE things...that really matter. Yesterday I found out that someone I graduated from highschool with (I'm 37 this year) just passed away from colorectal cancer. Father of 3, grew up near the ocean and mountains just like I did. Life is just too short not to be HAPPY with all that we do have!

  4. Melissa thank you so much for your comment, I agree little things are sometimes huge ones. Thank you!


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