a little surprise and lots of flowers

A few weeks ago I started offering free shipping only during the weekend on something specific in my shop, my way of saying thank you to all of you who are following me on any of my social medias.

This weekend free shipping offer is on this original illustration, drew by me in 5 slightly different copies, still 3 available. It was inspired by my love for wild flowers, those little ones growing with no many needs and surprising us with their beauty. There is a little bit of hand lettering too, a simple and very true inspirational quote "little by little one walks far".

On  another note, but always having something to do with my love for plants, last weekend I went to a beautiful flowers market in an amazing location just beside my studio and I snapped a few pics with my iPhone. I came home with a lovely caper plant to add to my foodie plants.


  1. I love that quote and your illustration is beautiful! Also, that flower market looks like my kind of place. :)

  2. Love the colourful flowers, thanks for letting me tag along to the market!

  3. Perfect quote, and I love how colourful and sunny things are looking over there. Here we've been having a couple of grey and cold days.


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