sketching new patterns for new home goodies!

Last month or so was pretty busy. I had a few retail orders to work on and I had my first wholesale order through Etsy Wholesale. I couldn't really find the time to work on something completely new.

Now it's that time. I started sketching new patterns using different mediums like gel pens and paint, watercolour and pencils, to give myself a bit more freedom. I love this part of my job, it feels like new all the time, it feels like I can put a bit of myself into it.
Once I'm happy with some of these sketches I will put them in digital so then I can use them to carve new printing blocks. This is how I do it most of times, the new thing is that this time I'll use the blocks to hand print organic cotton and linen, using new tools and new inks.

So I'm happy to announce a new line of home goodies, all hand printed using high quality and eco-friendly materials: I'll start with some tea towels and tote bags, expected to be in my shop at some point in June.

I would love to know what you think about these kinds of products, would you like to see anything in particular in my shop?


  1. I love all these patterns! I think tea towels would be really great. :)

    It's on my to do list this year to finally start adding some printed products to my shop. So far, everything in my Etsy shop has been 100% hand drawn or hand sewn, etc., but it's too time-consuming for wholesale orders, which I'd like to do in the future. So I might ask you some questions about Etsy wholesale further down the road?

  2. Thank you Mary! Off course send me an email when you want, glad to help you :)

  3. Congrats on your first wholesale order! That is just awesome, and good luck with your new products too. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now!

    -Holly, unknown roads


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