enjoy the little things

Second post of this new series, you can find the first one here, in case you missed it.
This morning going to the studio I stopped at the food market which is one of those little things I love, I got a few bits and pieces and chatted with some stall holders about this newish movement over here in Italy that is bringing back old kind of foods (especially vegetables). Funny how things work.

dandelion, best sauté with wild garlic and hot peppers in a bit of olive oil

I simply love strawberries
a little park I pass by every morning
minimalist necklace I made for myself with bits I found traveling 


  1. I love strawberries too, I plan to devour many of them when it's summer. They're not very tasty yet.

    1. The ones I'm buying at the moment come from Sicily, it's already summer over there :)

  2. Your necklace is so great! I just had a strawberry smoothie. :)

    1. Thank you Mary, just a few little pieces I picked up while traveling. Love strawberry smoothie :)


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