Milan: around my studio

I want to share with you a few pics of Milan,  where we moved after studying at the University in Dublin (where I met my husband Ed).

I took these pics this morning with my phone on the way back from the post office. All you see is less than 5 minutes from my studio. The studio is a lovely bright room inside my husband English school.

We're very lucky with the location, it's a beautiful ancient part of Milan.

I love these trees

road to the post office

lovely gardens in front of the studio

Ruins of a house built by Bramante

love how the light plays with these ruins


  1. So beautiful, what a walk to work surrounded by so much history & inspiration! :)

  2. Beautiful pics! I had a transferring flight out of Milan once but sadly we didn't have time to see very much of the city. I love the shot of the road to the post office. :)

    1. If you come back I'll show you around :)

  3. Sometimes it is very clear that life is not fair :)

    Kidding, of course - lucky you but I'm really happy for you!

  4. Love where your studio is located!

  5. It's gorgeous, Mirta! So different (in a good way) from the touristic city center of Milan. And so green too <3


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