enjoy the little things

Third appointment with "enjoy the little things" series, find the last ones here and here.
Among the things I've enjoyed recently: iced coffee during hot days, early morning time spent on the terrace with my furry friends and receiving lovely things from friends.

pink flowers from succulents

drinking iced coffee during heat wave
receive lovely things from a friend (BlueEggsandTea)
spending time with furry friends (she's Maggie)
eating aniseed ice pop and feel like a kid again


  1. Loving all these little things too! It has suddenly gotten hot here too. Think I'll probably be switching to iced coffee too. Love that blue ice pop! Anything that turns your tongue blue is probably good. :)

  2. The blue ice pop is my fave ice pop ever! And yes it's fun to get a blue tongue :)

  3. I love iced coffee season. Your fur friend is adorable!


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