Patterns love: Josef Hoffmann

This is the first post of a new little series about one of my biggest passions: patterns.
I've always loves patterns, aged 6 my favourite dress had a giraffe pattern on and I would insist wearing it with my strawberries socks.
Now aged (in a week!) 38 I still love wearing patterns, maybe I'm not that daring anymore, but I really like mixing stripes and flowers, I know not everyone appreciate this!

As a print maker I love cleaner, more minimal patterns especially printed in black and white.
As a "researcher" ( my husband always says that I can't stop looking things up) I particularly love old style patterns (1920s) and my knees go weak when looking at Japanese patterns.

A few days ago I found a beautiful pattern on Pinterest and I wanted to know more about it. I discovered it was painted and printed by Josef Hoffmann, an Austrian architect (1870-1956) who founded the Wiener Werkstatten, a society for artisan production.

A few of his painted and printed textile samples.
If you're on Pinterest and love patterns I have the board for you, check it here.

pattern 1

pattern 2

pattern 3
pattern 4

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