weekly round up and vegetarian recipe

I want to start to write little round ups showing some of the stuff I did or happened weekly.
This week was all about sketching new patterns, buying lots of fabric samples to make new accessories and do little happy things like playing with Lisa and have a glass of sangria on my birthday!

wearing my fav shoes on my birthday

sketching with a new fish friend on the desk

Lisa playing under my armchair

Just got these amazing zucchini/courgette flowers from the local food market close to my studio.
My favourite way to eat them is stuffing them with some goat cheese and then fry them in a batter with olive oil. I make the batter using very cold light beer and some white flour.
Little trick: add salt only when they're ready so they don't go soft.
You can also add a light pesto made with mint and pine-nuts, mint goes super well with zucchini.

Can't wait to cook these guys tonight!

tasty flowers!


  1. If you want to share, I'd love to hear more about the mint-pesto!

  2. Ok Marieken, I'll write a post with a few pesto recipes next week :)

  3. Those zucchini fun-tastic! And thank you for your tips on how to cook them.... I will be frying it tonight!!!!


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