my love for the sea: a personal kind of post

I've always loved the sea.
I love the smell of the salty water and the noise of the waves.
I love the sea in any season, especially after a storm.
I love the Mediterranean Sea, but I also love the Oceans.

My memories of the sea:
Sitting on a wooden platform on the Kerala coast in the middle of the night with fishermen telling stories about the sea and life.
On old ferryboats going from one small Greek island to a tiny one, the sprays of sea water in my face, feeling so free like for the first time (every time).
In the car travelling south and then you look on the left and suddenly the sea is there beside us, this surprises me every single time.

I'm a better person when I'm close to the sea. Is that possible?

the Irish Sea


  1. I love the sea too, When i smell the salty air i feel at home
    My childhood was in a small town by the sea (the Mediterranean) so lots of memories related to the sea.
    walking barefoot with only a swimsuit and a towel to the beach, the cool water against the summer heat , the smell of coconut lotion , sandwiches with cheese and cucumber my mom would prepare for us... and one of my most cherished is walking with my father and brother on the beach looking for "treasures "

    1. Beautiful memories Yael. Thank you for sharing them here.


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