weekly round up

This week was made of never loosing hope on you plants, a short train trip, a surprise ice-cream and other lovely little things.
My friend Giulia and I found this group of wood toys at a thrift market, perfect for our vintage shop StoriesTellers.
I used to play with them as a kid. They're made in Italy by Sevi (these ones are from early '70s) and I have so many lovely memories about them. I wish contemporary toys could be a little more like the old ones.
a thrift find you can buy here

A few weeks ago I discovered our lemon tree was under a serious attack by some really quite ugly insects. I decided to cut it down almost completely and I'm so happy it's coming back and looking beautiful! Never loose hope.
the flowers are going to smell gorgeous!

On Tuesday I had to go to Pavia, the town where I grew up. I had a lovely train trip. I love travelling by train. Love to look outside, read and listen to music. I find it super relaxing.
the area is full of rice fields (and mosquitoes!)

Our prickly pear is surprising us with more growth.

And a different but lovely kind of surprise was this ice-cream my husband brought me yesterday in the studio knowing that I was having a difficult long day.


  1. agree! The old wooden toys have such a better feel to them than plastic.
    Ice cream is definitely a good soother! Kudos to your smart husband!

  2. The first picture of the thrift findings is FUN-tastic! And the lemon tree is looking pretty good despite the insect attack:) Good job!


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