almost time to relax

A couple of days ago I decided that this week is going to be my last full week of work in the studio.
This weekend I have to clean and reorganise my space so that I can fit in it my new screen printing tools. Oh yes, I bought a super amazing screen printing kit last week and I can't wait to try it out!
Until now for those few screen printed items I make I used an open studio, but that won't do anymore.
I have big big plans for this winter season, so I went all the way and bought myself one! This means I need to be more organised with my space so I can fit everything in it and be comfy and productive.

So from next week until the end of August I will take it slowly. I'm sure this will involved a lot of food (both cooked and eaten), lots of books, a few movies, a lot of walking or should I say wondering around. Probably a bit of sketching and surely lots of time with our furry friends. I'm pretty sure I wont be able to stay away from the studio for all the time, especially with the new screen printing gear there, but I'll do everything at my own pace.

One thing I decided to do is to try to do things I've never done before. This is something I've been thinking for a while and I decided I want to start doing it during this holiday. So to start I've picked a crochet project. Bear with me I've never done any crochet in my life. No idea where to start, but we all need a challenge once in a while, right? I picked mine: I'll crochet a water bottle. To be more precise I'll try to crochet a cover for my hot water bottle :)

Why among all the things I've never done I decided to try crochet? Because I saw a beautiful post in one of my favourite blogs (You can check it out here.) and simply I said to myself why not.
Just started to sketch ideas for Christmas
I'm going to enjoy some time with these two :)


  1. have an amazing time! i love your idea of trying new things :)

  2. I'm sketching ideas for Christmas, too. I learned to crochet some little bird ornaments last year and it was a lot of fun! I wish I had more time to knit and crochet (even though I'm not very good at either). Cute kitties! :)

  3. Relax and enjoy yourself. There are ideas going through my head of new things to try, but life keeps getting the way. I found you on the etsy blog team.

  4. Hope you enjoy your relaxing days! You have many great plans, and big woo hoooo for the super amazing screen print kit!! Those are great news, can´t wait to see what you create with that! I´ve always dreamed with screen printing and creating my own fabrics, it´s on my waiting dreams list :-)


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