Make a little wreath using herbs

This morning a made a little cute wreath using some herbs from my balcony. I used oregano and thyme because it's that moment of the year when I need to start collecting them to dry them, so I can then use them through winter in my cooking.

What I made is really simple and definitely not perfect, but it's a sweet way to let your herbs dry.
You'll need just some wire and a few pieces of herbs. I used a quite thin wire I already had in the house and it makes it look light and airy.
Simply create a circle with a longer piece of wire, I made mine turning the wire 3 times so it was sturdy enough. Then put the circle on a table and arrange the pieces of herbs around it. It's important that when you cut your herbs you live a bit of branch on them so you don't end up using the wire on the leaves.
Using short pieces of wire simply block in place the your herbs, as you can see in the pic below.

Most of the oregano that I used is flowering and it makes the wreath even cuter. As you can see I didn't put too many pieces in it, so that I can do add more with time.

When the herbs are dry you can simply snipped them off without taking the structure apart.
This is what it looks like on our kitchen's wall.

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