enjoy the little things

This week I've decided to slow down a bit in work and gave myself some free time everyday to just relax. This Friday I will close my Etsy shop for the first time since I opened it. I decided it is about time I do it so I can concentrate on the production of my new line of hand printed textiles that need to be ready at the beginning of October.
Also this weekend I'll be traveling to Tuscany for a wedding party and a little tour  of the hills with my husband. I'm really looking forward to this!

Lately I've been working really a lot thanks to incredible shops that believed in me and in my handmade line enough to order from me and also thanks to all the people that decided to buy something in my shop. I'm really so grateful for all this love. I can't believe that I'm able to do what I most love doing. Thank you!

Here a round up of little things I enjoyed lately. Those little things that made my days better. That made me smile and reminded me I am a lucky person.

This beautiful brooch arrived in the post yesterday. Its made by super talented Mary who has a lovely shop on Etsy called My Hideaway (go and check it out) and a blog full of beautiful pics and original content that I follow regularly. I love the colours in the brooch and the little beads details. I bought it thinking of autumn and I can't wait it gets cold enough to wear my favourite chunky cardigan and pin this on it!

This morning at a thrift market I bought this embroidered cotton piece. I think originally was a large table cloth cut down to a smaller piece. I couldn't resist to buy it thanks to my current obsession with hand stitching and blue. And at 50 cents was a steal!

A few days ago my husband made this little wooden horse for Anna, our friends' daughter. It reminds me of a Dala Horse, it's a little bit chubbier. Ed loves working with wood and build things, I wish we could have more space for him to make more stuff.

Tomatoes always make me happy! The tomatoes seasons is drawing to its end, so soon it will be time to make preserves with them. This little bowl in the pic is part of the traditional pottery from Puglia, a region in south Italy where we go on holidays and where we would love to move to.

I really enjoyed designing and making new hang tags for my cotton totes. On this note there will be some new entries in the coming months. I'm designing bigger totes made with screen printed linen using new patterns.

What are the little things that made you happy lately? I would love to know what makes you happy!


  1. Oh my goodness, I love that little horse! Your husband is so talented. I would buy one of those! :)
    So many lovely pics here. Thanks so much for buying my brooch! It's the best ever when cool people buy my stuff. I hope you have a lovely time in Tuscany; I think it would be hard not to, right? It's so completely out-of-this-world gorgeous there. I only went once, but I would probably use any excuse to go back haha, and a wedding sounds like a good one. I hope you post a few pics when your trip. xo, Mary

  2. August has been a tough month for me, but I try to find some happiness in the smallest of things. Like waking up to sunshine through the window. Or, the kids being excited about going back to school (much better than them being NOT excited!). Thanks for sharing your happies!

    Looking forward to seeing some of your new totes.

  3. I love it when you find great steals at the thrift market! Simple things like having coffee out of my favorite mug, lighting my little candle, seeing my only houseplant in it's yellow pot, and bright sunlight coming through the windows all make my day! Have a great time in Tuscany!


  4. Oh such a great post! Well deserved break you have ahead. Love love love Mary's brooch! She IS crazy talented. Love the little wooden horse and the Italian dish too. Such pretty finds! What's making me happy? Cooler temperatures up here in the Pacific Northwest! I'm making a sausage, while mushroom, red pepper lasagne paired with a beautifully jammy local Pinot to celebrate tonight! Not sayin our littles are going to love it, but mr hausfrau and I sure will!


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