back from Tuscany

Sorry for the silence over here, but we finally went on a short holiday and when we came back it just felt right to stay unplugged for a bit longer.
Ed and I went to Tuscany for a few days, the excuse was a wedding part. Those few days were spent eating amazing food, chatting with old friends and meeting new ones. We also walked a lot. But the main thing was just looking at the panoramas in amazement.

Every single thing I saw was just plain beautiful.
Rolling hills, dense forests, medieval villages. It felt so real and yet like a dream. I really needed that.

I'm sharing a few pics I took, but please excuse me I only had my phone with me and my eyes were so full of magic that I know I couldn't capture.

The swimming pool and the amazing view from the farm house 
The ancient farm house

My favourite part of the house, the informal dining area.
Another view of the house with a bush of rosemary and pink roses growing together.

The view from the walls around Pienza town.

A piece of the walls around medieval village Monteriggioni.

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  1. The house looks amazing, and like a perfect place to spend some unplugged time!


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