new SALE section in mipluseddesign shop on Etsy

In our Etsy shop there is a new fantastic SALE section, few other items will be in it soon!
Why do we have sales?
Because in January there will be many new products: new notebooks, cards, tags and prints.
There will be also completely new items: such as gift kits, handmade and personalized stamps, shadow boxes and collages. We're so excited over this that we've decided it was the right time to put on a big lovely sale!
So please check the sale section and let us know if you're happy about it!

Remember that you can order your stuff from us anytime you chose, but the delivery will start again on the 3rd of January!

Among other things you can find these in the SALE section:


  1. love these! visiting you from the etsy success team :) great blog!



  2. Hello Saralyn,
    I'm happy you like it, thanks for your comment :)
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and lovely holidays!



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