handmade packaging for new line

Last week I've introduced a few hand painted organic cotton totes to mi+ed design collection as part of the new textile line.
Last weekend I worked on creating a cohesive, minimalist but warm packaging for this collection.
I wanted something simple but recognisable that could work well with the totes but also with pillow covers and other products on their way.

My priority was to use materials I already possess and use for other things (use, re-use, recycle) and are not a big impact on the planet. So obviously no plastic.
As you can see I decided to use some lovely kraft paper and a organic cotton string, to be coherent with the idea behind these totes.
Each tote is hand painted with no toxic colours and the bag is 100% organic cotton.
You can pick the colours among the available ones or ask for a particular one.
These totes are perfect for the market, or for your holidays or for everyday.
They're sturdy and reusable.
I hope they can help us to get rid of plastic bags!

"big dot" organic cotton tote

"adventure" organic cotton tote

"grid" organic cotton tote

I used the same packaging for the pillow covers (these 2 are the first ones in the shop!)

"pineapple" cotton pillow cover

"adventure" cotton pillow cover

All my products are gift wrapped using lovely recycled papers (all hand printed by me) when bought in my Etsy shop.


  1. Your totes are wonderful! More and more stores in my area are encouraging customers to bring their totes to fill up at grocery stores, thrift sales and even book sales at the library! Love your new packaging!

  2. Thank you so much AnnMarie! I do think is very important to stop using plastic and these totes are a nice change!

  3. I love the printing on the papers! I need to create a more cohesive look for the packages I wrap, but usually I find nice recycled paper and hand stamp them with whatever design I love that day...it's the fun part of mailing packages.


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