new projects on the way

This week I worked constantly on a new side of my label.
It has been a while since I've decided to introduce different products in the line.
I've studied the way of doing it for a few weeks.

I started working on tote bags and I tried different techniques, finally setting on the process of hand painting them, one by one, to make them really unique.

You can see some of the work in progress in these pics

creating the design

painting the anchor

creating a new pattern

drawing the pattern on the tote

I'm pretty happy about creating new different things, I'm still in love with paper, but I think I'm discovering that what I truly enjoy is creating patterns and illustrations and use them to create different kind of products. So I'll keep doing this for sure!

If you are curious about the two totes you can see them here and here


  1. It's always nice to learn a new technique. I'm been working hard lately trying to come up with something new and unique. I also like that you are painting them by hand because then no two bags with be exactly the same.

  2. I love your new designs, and I love the fact that they each are unique.

  3. Thank Eyelah for stopping by, I love learing new stuff as well!

  4. Thank you so much fro your support Marieken!


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