inspiration and new supplies

In the last couple of days the weather changed and it seems like summer has come to an end.
I'm embracing the cooler temperature taking longs walks in my city and snapping some photos with my phone.

me and a few leaves in a puddle

floral pattern in a window

blue and gold 

The colours you see above are for a project I'm working on.
I'm experimenting with a completely new material for me, I'm very excited about it and a bit scared.
I hope to have something ready soon to share with you :)


  1. Love the puddle picture, and I am curious about your new material experiment!

    1. I did my best to not be in the pic, but not very successfully :)

  2. These are lovely photos! I wish the weather would turn cooler here. It's still a bit too warm.

  3. I couldn't even tell you were in that puddle shot ;) can't wait to see what you've been working on!


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